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There are over 30 million small businesses in the United States, yet no good way to buy or sell them. That's where we come in.

For Business Owners

Did you know there's more regulation to becoming a residential real estate agent than there is to become a business broker? It's crazy!

This means that there are a LOT of bad business brokers out there.Why entrust your entire retirement to someone's side hustle?We'll pair you with one of the following:A reputable, proven business broker with experience selling in your industry and geography.A reputable business buyer, who has the capital and experience necessary to purchase your life's work.

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For Business Buyers

Aside from Bizbuysell, there are over 130 different website for listing businesses for sale!

That means that business buyers are not always seeing the best deals in the market, due to thousands of different listing companies.Bizy makes buying companies simple! We aggregate every listing in the market in one place to make sure you never miss a killer deal!Bizy aids you with the intense process of buying businesses by making it simple.Sign up below to get immediate free access to this aggregated data. Partner Website

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Below is a list of sites that we're either already aggregating from, or are currently working on adding:

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